Give your residents
the clothing care experience they need.

Pristeem is the fastest and most convenient clothing care amenity that multifamily apartment residents and staff are raving about.
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Delight Your Residents

Residents can refresh their clothes anytime when they need it the most with uptime of 99.9%. Convenience delights residents.
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No Involvement From Your Staff

Pristeem is a modern, self-serve kiosk that automatically orders water and cleaning solution. Enjoy 7 days a week of live customer service.
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Luxurious & Space-Efficient

Upscale amenity that fits right into your common area aesthetics. Plug-and-play solution designed to be space-efficient.

Did You Know?

Dry cleaning & laundry is the #1 most-hated household chore.

Let Pristeem provide a seamless clothing care experience for your residents.

Elevate your property and stand out.

What You Get With Pristeem

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On-Demand, Self-Serve, and Contactless Kiosk

  • Simple join, reserve, and refresh process via convenient mobile app.
  • Automatic re-ordering of water and cleaning solution.
  • 99.9% kiosk uptime.
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Innovative Technology and Competitive Advantage

  • Patent-pending technology that uses clothing & fabric data to customize cleaning cycles.
  • Unique amenity for multifamily apartments that serves as a key differentiator.
  • Popular amongst the growing demographic of "renters by choice."
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Live Customer Care and Eco-Conscious Cleaning

  • Outstanding customer support for your staff and residents 7 days a week via phone and email.
  • Environmentally-friendly technology that uses less than a cup of water per cycle.
  • Pristeem recycles all cleaning solution bottles.

What Our Partners Think

It’s a lot more hands-off as far as our team is concerned. Staff is really happy with it, and residents are happy that they have the ability to refresh their clothes in 10 minutes in the building they live in.
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Sonia Stephens
Property Manager
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Pristeem is hands-down one of the best amenities we’ve added for residents.

They’ve brought convenience, ease, and reliability to the frustrating process that is laundry & dry cleaning. They go the extra mile to fit our standards and their unique cleaning technology aligns well with our sustainability goals.

Best of all, their team is outstanding and speedy with service and support.
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Amanda Li
Regional Manager
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Many residents love that they can use Pristeem whenever they need it the most without having to come to us. With Pristeem, we get a resident amenity that’s self-service, space-efficient, and requires minimal effort from our team.
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Andrew Walters
Property Manager
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